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    So comfortable, cradles your body

    This hammock is comfortable! I picked it out for it's easy assembly - not requiring tools - and I'm glad I did. The whole thing goes together in a matter of minutes. You can actually spend more time taking the plastic wrappings off of the poles than putting it together.

    In the package, you get the following:
    - 1x Center pole
    - 2x Feet that attach to the center pole and the upright supports
    - 2x Upright support poles, which hold the rope hammock
    - 1x Rope hammock
    - 1x Decorative padding
    - 1x Pillow
    There will also be a small package with a couple of spare end caps for the poles in case you lose any, and the instructions. They are simple and to the point on one side of a sheet of paper.

    The poles are simple. They click right into each other and stay secured. They are sturdy, and quite heavy, but still no problem for a single person to do. The next thing to do is attach the rope hammock. On either end, it actually has a round metal loop with chain links extending from it. For the first couple uses, you will need to use the furthest chain link out on either side to attach it. Trust me, you won't be able to stretch it any further. Once it's been used a few times, you should gradually be able to use the links closer in as the rope stretches out better. That's all there is to it, aside from tying on the padding and pillow. You want to use loose knots, or bows so it's easy to remove. This isn't something you want to leave out when you're not using it. I just untie mine and roll it up with the pillow like a package and put it in the garage when I'm finished.

    The end result is a very comfortable hammock. It cradles your body, and it's very easy to want to nap in it. It definitely fits 1 adult with no problem. It also fits 2 kids, or even an adult and a kid. I have mine set on the deck at the moment, but may possibly move it under a shady tree in the grass. It seems like it would be just fine on any decently level area. The whole family loves it and it was worth the purchase. Definitely recommend.


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    Amazing Hammock!

    We are enjoying this hammock a lot!The time this arrived, my family jumped in to put this together.Everybody helped out!. My kids did their part here and there.I had another video while we install this. I will update my video after I put together the 2 videos.We are very pleased to have this. It's an everyday use in our front yard.We have a big yard with play area, trampoline , half basketball court and some kids stuff to enjoy and play with. This is a great addition where we can relax and enjoy.The material of this hammock is very good quality.The cloth is very sturdy, solid and durable. Well made!You can put the hammock in different levels you want.. we put it in the highest level.Our kids want to jump in every time they play outside. This hammock can occupy 2-4 people and still can manage!We like it a lot. We are very happy with this purchase.Easy to install, not complicated at all.We also can transfer it any part of the yard where there is shade.Then put it back again when the rain is done.We highly recommend this for people who are looking for a really good deal and quality hammock!.The set is a complete package!

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    I love this Hammock

    This is the best hammock i have owned hands down. I have had a lot of hammocks but this one takes the cake. First of all installation is none as it is already put together. All i had to do is unroll it and hang it on the base. The comfort level is that of your own bed. I am a light sleeper but this tging is so comfortable that its not hard at all to doze off. The pillow is a perfect fit as well. Both hammock and pillow are made of a thick durable material that doesn't stretch or wear out easily. There is multiple layers in the hammock for added comfort. There are many braided ropes on each end of the hammock to help stabilize and support two adult size people. And trust me, we have tested this. ;) the hard wood holds the rope steady and tight to keep the hammock open and sturdy. The only concern i have with this hammock is dozing off and turning as red as it is from sunburn.

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    Great hammock

    This hammock has worked great so far. We take it down and put it back up with each us, so I can't say anything about whether the color holds up to the sun, but it is very comfortable, easily fitting two adults.

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    Love this hammock!

    I am so impressed with this hammock. This is my first hammock and i was not sure while i was ordering this . I likes the design and color and i am so happy i bought this. The hammock comes in one single piece and its only the stand that needs to be assembled. The green stripes look pretty in the garden. The fabric is weather proof but i prefer to keep it patio box because i think if left in sun and rain it will fade soon. Since i dont use it everyday i keep it covered and it just takes a few seconds to pull it out. At first the ropes are little difficult to hook to the chain but they loosen after a few uses. This is a double hammock and support a the load nicely. The pillow is detachable but having it attached gives more support to neck while lying down. I love the size color and the simple but neat design. SO happy with this so far.

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    Incredible Hammock!

    I absolutely love this product. I wish I would have purchased this amazing hammock sooner! It is the only piece of furniture that feels good across my back and neck. I sleep in it often and use an exercise ball to balance one leg over the side with to rock myself asleep.

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    Beautiful hammock. So comfortable

    This hammock is just as gorgeous as the photos. We ended up selecting this wooden base one, with the red and blue stripes for the 450lb weight limit. My husband is a bigger guy, and with this one, him and the kids can be on it at the same time without any worries. The wood base is really beautiful.Setting this up from start to finish took about an hour once I got it out of the box. I was able to do it alone. There aren't many pieces, but they are quite heavy, so it's best to move everything to where you plan on building it before you get started. There are 6 wood pieces to the base, the hammock itself, and the pillow. Aside from the bag of parts, that's it. The parts are easy - there's really only a few different things and it's easy to just visually tell what they are. I dumped them out on the patio table and sorted first. I think the most pleasing thing was that all the holes line up perfectly, which is more than I can say for most things I have assembled. The most important thing with the assembly is not to tighten anything right away. I just gently screwed everything by hand until it was complete - then went back and tightened it all. I used the little makeshift wrenches that were included. The hardest part is the upright supports and getting the big bolts through 3 pieces.Once it's fully assembled, the hammock just clips right on, and the pillow can be tied on as well. The hammock height can be adjusted depending on where you clip the chain. It starts out quite low if you leave the chain fully extended. It's really easy to bring the hammock portion in when expecting rain. It just rolls up after you unclipped it. We do get snow in the winter here, so either we will move it to the garage, or I'll have to find a big enough furniture cover for winter.It's super comfortable to lay in this. It feels like it just sways in the breeze. My husband brings out his tablet and does some of his work while relaxing in it. My kids love to eat their Popsicles in it. I think the price point is so much better than everything we looked at in other stores, and we could be sure on the weight on this. I'm glad we picked this one.