Custom Design


With years of wholesale business experience in hammock line, we take pride in all our top-of-the-line manufacture process and a fabulous huge collection of various hammocks,  stands, hammock combo, hammock chairs and accessories. The range of products keeping pace with today’s ever-evolving lifestyles will keep constantly growing by our outstanding designers. However, the wants and imagination of the consumers are always infinite.

Our CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE follows a market-driven orientation and aims at increasing customer satisfaction by adapting the products to consumer’s needs.

Every product we design is started as an idea or concept and then translated to a finished marketable product. Working with our clients to understand what the needs and wants are and the ultimate experience they want to provide their clients, we grasp the details needed to produce a quality finished product that matches the image of client’s brand and the functionality required.

What we can do?

  • Take conceptual ideas from images, sketches or a verbal description and translate those to a functional product that satisfies the need.
  • Produce or source any fabric or raw materials required to meet the need of the product.
  • Based on our rich experience of manufacturing, give advice on the design.

Please believe that the combination of our top-of-the-line manufacture process and your great idea will lead to a great product as unique as your company is.